Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holidazzle and Face Paints

We went to a firm marketing event on Friday night, and they had a SERIOUS face painter there! Here is Rose #3. It is hard to see but her design was a pony. She was VERY shy at the event (snort!). Actually, she has not a shy bone in her body. She is constantly introducting herself to everyone, hugging random people, and smiling like crazy. Maybe she needs to learn a few inhibitions? Anyway, here she is in her face painted glory:

Rose #2 was obviously a butterfly. Today when I was cooking she was sitting across the table from me and reading everything in sight. She read from a ketchup bottle: "Only the best tomatoes for only the best ketchup." All by herself! Great job Rose #2!

And Rose #1...wait for it...Darth Maul! Yeah!

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