Sunday, September 8, 2013

Indigo Girls

Last night in the heat of a late summer night my sisters and I went to see the Indigo Girls.  Does everyone have a band that they grew up with?  I first saw the Indigo Girls play on the Memorial Union terrace at the University of Wisconsin in the summer of 1988.  They were just making it big but they kept their promise to play a free college campus concert.  It was a magical night.

Last night was magical too, in a different way.  I was glad to be at the concert with my sisters, but sad that so much time has passed.  Maybe the passage of time always seems sad, even if wonderful things have happened in the interim.

Here's me and my sisters at dinner:

I hope my girls will be friends with each other, lifelong friends, and that they will stick together.  Like us, see Exhibit A, above.

And so I don't forget (my memory is imperfect) - the Indigo Girls played Devil Went Down to Georgia!  And Galileo and Closer to Fine and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee!  And Watershed!  I could have listened to them for 2 more hours!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents' Day

The success of our at-home days is directly proportional to how little TV the Roses, we went rollerskating instead.  Here are the Roses waiting in line to get into the roller rink.  It was kinda busy.  They are giving each other rollerblade backrubs.

And Rose #2 showing off her excellent rollerblade balancing skills...
And Rose #1 getting the all-important game tokens...
And Rose #3, just vamping:
My nephew, Sir Sno-Cone:
My niece, the blue-tooth vampire:
And, a change in venue:  probably the last ever, ever, ever slip and slide party at Poppy's house!
I spent the evening cleaning up the Valentine's Day detritus.  Does anyone else really, really dislike how Valentine's Day has become about candy, cheap plastic toys, and little cards stuck together with heart stickers that are impossible to pry off the sticker sheet?  Because I do, and I feel a little more Scrooge-ish every year.  Bother.  We just have to get through the Valentine's candy before...well...Easter.  (I remember my mom gave us a Cadbury cream egg every year for Easter.  I used to love those things.  I wonder how many calories they had...)

Rose #3

As I was tidying up this morning, here's what I found on Rose #3's bed under her pillow:

A guilty little lineup of lip glosses and chapsticks....

Rose #3 was sick last week with mid-winter Minnesota cold/cough/fever/headache.  Blech.  She stayed home one day and the next day she was well enough to go to school, but still a little stuffy.  She was experiencing the phenomenon of feeling extra bad when she first got up - as I am of the "if you don't have a fever you can go to school" persuasion, I told her to walk around a bit, drink some water, and see if she felt better.  Then I started putting my makeup on for work.

When she saw my makeup, her face broke into a smile, and she sighed that deep contented sigh that people are wont to do when they are happy.  She said:  "Makeup always makes me feel better, Mommy."

And here are a couple of shots of Rose #3 when she puts herself to bed between the couch and the radiator.  This was all her doing!  And I guess I can understand why...

There'a little pillow smushed down in there, and it's so warm right next to the big radiator...

I am alone in the house on this President's Day right before the Roses come back from last night's sleepover. I am hoping to post here much more often as I now know how to download pictures from my dear husband's computer.  So, see you all soon!