Monday, February 18, 2013

Rose #3

As I was tidying up this morning, here's what I found on Rose #3's bed under her pillow:

A guilty little lineup of lip glosses and chapsticks....

Rose #3 was sick last week with mid-winter Minnesota cold/cough/fever/headache.  Blech.  She stayed home one day and the next day she was well enough to go to school, but still a little stuffy.  She was experiencing the phenomenon of feeling extra bad when she first got up - as I am of the "if you don't have a fever you can go to school" persuasion, I told her to walk around a bit, drink some water, and see if she felt better.  Then I started putting my makeup on for work.

When she saw my makeup, her face broke into a smile, and she sighed that deep contented sigh that people are wont to do when they are happy.  She said:  "Makeup always makes me feel better, Mommy."

And here are a couple of shots of Rose #3 when she puts herself to bed between the couch and the radiator.  This was all her doing!  And I guess I can understand why...

There'a little pillow smushed down in there, and it's so warm right next to the big radiator...

I am alone in the house on this President's Day right before the Roses come back from last night's sleepover. I am hoping to post here much more often as I now know how to download pictures from my dear husband's computer.  So, see you all soon!

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