Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday at the Science Museum

Today was a Katy Saturday, so we had to think of something fun and special to do. Science Museum of course! I didn't know that Kate had never been there, otherwise I might have asked her mother first.

She sure loved the musical stairs though!

The Roses LOVED a show about the curse of the mummy, King Tut, which is a big exhibit at the museum right now. Kate was scared of the guy giving the show (he was kind of enthusiastic and loud) so I couldn't get her to sit with her cousins.
Right when you enter the museum is a big map of the world. Rose #3 (who insisted on wearing her tiara!) loved it.

Rose #2 was having a good time, despite the grimace on her face:
And Super Smiley Rose #3 again:

Here's the crew. What a sweet group of girls:

OK, So This is a Cute Baby

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Which We Welcome a New Family Member

We have been blessed with a new addition.

Not really.

"Arnold," formerly known as "Buddy," is the class crustacean from Rose #1's class. Rose #1 very earnestly asked me about two weeks ago if I would write a note for Buddy to come live with us after his gig at school was done.

Sure! No problem! Crayfish have a life expectancy of 4 weeks, right? Plus certainly some other mother will write a note, so there will be a drawing, of course. Rose #1 won't WIN. No way. We never win.

Oh, we won all right. Buddy/Arnold is ensconced in our old fishtank now. Yuck. Slimy. Pinchy. Gag.

But Rose #1 is over the moon. Rose #2 wants a hamster. I just want a guarantee that I never, ever, ever have to touch a crayfish!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Fun Sunday

We had a lovely playdate this afternoon with Rose #1's very good friend...from daycare when they were just babies in the baby room. All the Roses posed with her today on the couch. When you have a playdate with one Rose, you kind of get a package deal...
Here are the best buds...
And Rose #3, who totally crashed and burned at the end of the night. On the kitchen floor. Right in front of the refrigerator.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


This MND we were treated to a wonderful rendition of "Hey Soul Sister" by the Roses and two of their cousins. Sam was in true performer mode. Isn't the look on his face soulful?

Here's Maddie, smiling into her microphone:

Rose #1, gazing into the distance:

Rose #2, with a mischievous grin:

And Rose #3, the self-proclaimed star of the show:

After the exhausting performance, the singers and dancers watched a video. On the floor. On a phone.

MND Forever!