Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday at the Science Museum

Today was a Katy Saturday, so we had to think of something fun and special to do. Science Museum of course! I didn't know that Kate had never been there, otherwise I might have asked her mother first.

She sure loved the musical stairs though!

The Roses LOVED a show about the curse of the mummy, King Tut, which is a big exhibit at the museum right now. Kate was scared of the guy giving the show (he was kind of enthusiastic and loud) so I couldn't get her to sit with her cousins.
Right when you enter the museum is a big map of the world. Rose #3 (who insisted on wearing her tiara!) loved it.

Rose #2 was having a good time, despite the grimace on her face:
And Super Smiley Rose #3 again:

Here's the crew. What a sweet group of girls:

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