Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still here...

Tonight I took the girls to the park after dinner. Rose #1 did the monkey bars all the way across for the very first time! This might sound wrong - like it should be Rose #3 or something - but it's not. Rose #1's little hand makes it hard for her to do the monkey bars, but she hooks her wrist over and she finally was able to go all the way across. Way to go!

Rose #2 and I read a Berenstain Bears book (shuddering sigh) and Harry Potter before bed. Reading Harry Potter out loud is really fun. The chapters are too long - J.K. Rowling should have had us parents in mind when she was setting chapter length - but otherwise it is a great read. Rose #1, my daughter who reads at a 10th grade level in 3rd grade, listens to the story too. I love reading to them. I know my days of reading to them are numbered. Going to love it while I can.

Rose #3 put on her kitty cat boots, her fleece, her grubby size 7 too-big pants, put her hair back behind her ears so I could fasten her helmet, and proceeded to ride a tricycle to the park. The tricycle is about six sizes too small, so she kept flailing out of control with her knees hitting her chin. Time to get her a real bike - with training wheels. Poor grubby little urchin.

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