Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Which We Welcome a New Family Member

We have been blessed with a new addition.

Not really.

"Arnold," formerly known as "Buddy," is the class crustacean from Rose #1's class. Rose #1 very earnestly asked me about two weeks ago if I would write a note for Buddy to come live with us after his gig at school was done.

Sure! No problem! Crayfish have a life expectancy of 4 weeks, right? Plus certainly some other mother will write a note, so there will be a drawing, of course. Rose #1 won't WIN. No way. We never win.

Oh, we won all right. Buddy/Arnold is ensconced in our old fishtank now. Yuck. Slimy. Pinchy. Gag.

But Rose #1 is over the moon. Rose #2 wants a hamster. I just want a guarantee that I never, ever, ever have to touch a crayfish!


Andy said...

Crayfish attack!

Anonymous said...

wow he's awesome