Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How the Day Ends When You Are Age Four And Tired

After 30 minutes of deductive reasoning homework, which was not mine but rather Rose #2's (in FIRST GRADE, people. I don't think I learned deductive reasoning until like last week.), Rose #3 completely gave up the ghost. She fetched herself a living room pillow and made herself a makeshift bed at the kitchen table:

Here's the shot from across the room, so it can all just seem even more pathetic. Poor Rose #3. She is a very, very tired girl by about 7:45. I can't ever seem to get them ready for bed much before 8:30. So she did it her very own self.
I have to confess that we spent some of tonight watching the news about the miners in Chile. I was riveted by the countdown of the number of rescued miners and the number of miners stll underground. They were truly fortunate to make it out alive. Thank goodness.

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