Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snowy Saturday...TODAY... BLIZZARD!!...Update!

This picture doesn't tell the whole story...

It is a veritable blizzard here. We tried to go out with Rose #2 and #3 to see Santa at Macy's and we got completely stuck exiting Ayd Mill Road. So we turned around and barely made it home. It is scary out there - very, very snowy and the driving conditions are awful.

We sent Rose #1 to ski school today, which seemed like a great idea this morning, and as the afternoon wears on seems worse and worse. I'll be much happier when I see her little face coming in the back door. Scary.

Update: Rose #1 is home! A very scary afternoon waiting to confirm she was safe. Thank goodness she got home all 100% fine (and sort of exasperated that I was worried!).

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