Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome Two More Redeemers! (And Farewell Tooth.)

Today we welcome two more redeemers! My niece, Olivia Walker Gray, and my nephew, William Michael Gray, born January 22, 2012, weighing 2 lb 10 oz (Olivia) and 3 lb 1 oz (Liam). They were a teeny bit early (born at 30 weeks) but they are healthy and their mom is healthy and we are SO. DARN. RELIEVED!  Pictures when I get them!

One more piece of news, just slightly less dramatic than the first:  Rose #3 had a wiggly tooth!  She bit into an apple and 24 hours later the tooth was gone.  Here she is in her jack-o-lantern-like glory:

Could we be any happier than to have new babies and one fewer tooth, and so many other blessings?

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