Monday, June 11, 2012

Well, Happy Birthday to You, 6-Year-Old

It was June birthdays at MND tonight...and even though this young lady doesn't have her birthday for a couple more weeks, she got her presents from her Poppy tonight.  A WHOLE NEW OUTFIT!  Sundress, purse, bracelet, and pink shoes.  She LOVED it.  Went right in and changed her clothes.  After she was gone my dad and sister came right over to me and said:  "Where did she COME from?"  Nature or nurture?  I think nature in this case...

In related news, today was our summer nanny's first day of work.  In the category of first world problems, I am jealous of our nanny.  I am embarrassed to type this, but there it is.  I wish I was able to just play with my kids, not worry about 1) money, 2) logistics, 3) food, 4) shelter, 5) laundry, 6) organization, 7) landscaping, 8) thank you notes, 9) why the heck I still have a "make your own snow globe" in the top shelf of my built-in buffet, 10) what junk is lurking downstairs in the basement closet, and why can't I keep it clean, 11) the dirt in the corners of my house, 12) am I going to die without achieving my dreams, 13) why am I so slow to get get the picture.

Of course, the questions remain - if I had the time to play with my kids, would I?  Or would I be so worried about the other things I wasn't doing if I had the time to play that it would make playing unpleasant?  

Sometimes I feel so tortured.  All of this triggered by a sweet picture of an innocent soon-to-be 6-year-old in a white sundress.  Isn't she a doll baby?

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