Saturday, October 18, 2008

Biska Basking

Imagine the clearest, crispest fall day.  Three beautiful girls, their mom, and their grandmother (aka Guppy).  We went walking down a couple blocks at Guppy's house to go biska basking.  What is biska basking, you might wonder?  Why, that is the name in our family for gathering fall leaves.

You start with a few crunchy pathetic brown leaves, graduate to a few more promising looking yellow leaves, and then when you come to a sugar maple, you find the most glorious red leaves, some with spots of yellow or green.  Some even have some purple mixed in.

We walked to Cochran Park in my mom's neighborhood and sat in the sun.  I was thinking of the Simon & Garfunkel song about sitting on park bench like bookends.  While we were at the park, which has a little shelter structure that looks like a small part of a medeival castle, the Roses were cooking up little imaginary games, about hunting deer and serving them for lunch. 

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