Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Off to Florida on Friday

H and I are off to Florida to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on Friday!  We are going without the girls.  I am very excited for our trip but I am going to miss my girls.

This week Rose #1 turned in her neighborhood community project, and she did her class presentation.  I wrote her a little "good luck" and "don't forget to look at the audience while you talk" note, and she surprised me by keeping the note in her pocket all day long.  She is so sweet and earnest and I love her so, so much.  

Rose #2 has been talking about new friends on her bus.  Alexis, Hannah, and Huachi are her bus buddies, and they take turns being loud and covering their ears.  Poor Rose #2 just wants to be big like Rose #1, and go to chess club, have projects to do, etc.  Rose #2 is lying next to me right now playing dollies.  She is one determined little thing and I love her.

Rose #3 is talking up a storm.  I think she must have had a bad dream about bugs in her bedroom, because she always looks at the radiator near her bed and says, in an unsure voice, "No bugs coming.  No ants coming."  She also goes potty on the potty, and has her very own independent ideas (like it is OK to color on the walls).  She has chubby cheeks and curly hair.  I love her so much.

We want to thank, in advance, Uncle Eli, Aunt Brenna, Uncle Andy, Aunt Tonya, Aunt Boo, and Aunt Heidi for taking care of our girls and giving us the chance to get away.  Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!

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