Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Short and Fat - 2009

That is not a comment on my physique, but rather the name of the race H rode in this weekend.

This is his second year riding in a big mountain biking race in northern Wisconsin. We stayed at the same cabin on Ghost Lake where we stayed last year. This year the weather was much, much nicer! We spent a little time down by the water - took the motorboat out and the paddleboat out. We tried fishing; not so successful.

Here is H and the Roses this morning before we left:

We really liked seeing the beginning of the race, watching H approach the finish line, watching the fish swim under the dock, throwing kidney beans in for the fish (don't ask!) and sleeping late - well - relatively late. For Rose #3 anyway. We are already talking about 2010 - H might do the long ride next year!

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