Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little Fins Fall Outing

Saturday was the fall outing for Little Fins, our group for families of kids with limb differences. We went to an orchard in Delano (did I say Delano? I meant B.F.E.) which was actually worth the drive. It is a working farm! Despite the fabulous pumpkins in the picture, we did not end up buying one. Unfortunately. But Rose #1 looks cute amongst them, doesn't she?

There were many, many animals at this farm. I should mention that we had the place to ourselves, since the owner is kind enough to open the orchard to groups after regular hours. The girls loved petting the goats, holding the chickens, etc. I, on the other hand, may or may not have obsessed about removing their clothing the instant we arrived home, putting it straight into the washing machine, and scrubbing their little bodies down in the shower pronto. Which did not happen, actually, since we got home really late. Anyway, here is Rose #1 petting a goat.

And Rose #2, not to be outdone, also made friends with this goat. There were tons of baby animals, too - in October! The Roses held baby goats and chicks.

If you live in the west metro in the Twin Cities, you might want to check out this orchard. It was a fun time and our Little Fins group is simply wonderful.

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