Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Neglect, A Sad State of Affairs

I've been neglectful. But never fear, I signed up for NaB0loPoMo, so I will hopefully be posting every day in November.

The Roses are fine. Rose #1 is gearing up for Spy Day at school. She has a magnifying glass and a small notebook (for clues, you know) and she will wear a face paint mustache. Query why school is making us come up with a costume on the day before Halloween (that is different, I might add, from her actual Halloween costume). But, no one asked the parents. I guess.

Rose #2 has made several confessions to me over the past few days. One: She got in trouble in science class for talking. She had to go to the time out chair. (Kindergarten science, you understand.) Two: She has a "boyfriend." I have no idea where she came up with the concept that she has a boyfriend, and I actually shared with her that I did not have a boyfriend until college. She seemed less surprised at that news than I would have imagined. Maybe I am 100x dorkier than even I suspect, and my children are in on the secret.

Rose #3 is full of news from preschool. She sits in circle time with "listening ears." They talk about firemen and policemen during circle time. She loves her new friend Eleanore. She was running a low grade fever tonight, and of course I am worried about her. She is just so sweet and good, and plump and juicy like a fruit. I want her to be healthy and happy forever.

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