Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 1 of 30 and Post Halloween postmortem

No pun postmortem. Never mind.

No pictures in this post because I cannot find where H saved the Halloween pictures onto our network. A network is like a warren of confusion and mystery and trickery, if you ask me. Just a way to find places to hide files. We took some darling pictures of Rose #1 as Anakin, Rose #2 as a homemade bat and Rose #3 as a princess. But you can't see them.

Rose #3 is still under the weather, so she and I stayed home and answered the door last night. She kept calling trick-or-treaters "customers," and she confidently grabbed handfuls of candy to dole out. We didn't get many - 50 maybe - but our house is in a strange position on our block.

We had six pumpkins on our porch! Three carved by me, three carved by Guppy. Each kid had 2! And we have a respectable sized tupperware of roasted pumpkin seeds. My theory on roasted pumpkin seeds is that they are better in concept than in reality. Kids like to know that their moms are going to ootch through the goo and pick out the seeds, then roast them, even if the kids never intended to eat the roasted seeds in the first place. Oh well, I like roasted pumpkin seeds.

TTFN. Gotta work.

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