Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Class Night

Tonight is H's class night - Heat Transfer 9,897,663. So it is girls' night here! After dance - yes, Roses #2 and #3 are in dance together - we came home for dinner. Rose #1 got some books from her cousin and I could barely tear her away from her reading to eat. And to go over her math with me. And to do her spelling words. I did have a fleeting thought about how I used to think I would look forward to the day that Rose #1 could amuse herself, and I mostly do. But I do also wish she would listen to me the first time...Anyway. here she is - cheerful and sweet, as usual.

Here is Rose #2 in her robe. Last week she came out of the shower and declined a towel, saying that "my robe is a towel." Maybe 5 minutes later she was still dripping and said, "I guess my robe isn't a towel after all." (I put it in the dryer for 10 minutes to dry it and warm it up!)
And here is Rose #3. I wish you saw her at dance class. She LOVES it. She was twirling, and grinning, and absolutely rapt listening to the teacher, Miss Amy.

LOVE rec center dance class!

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