Monday, November 16, 2009

MND Players

Not a top quality photo, but top quality skit players! Rose #2, Gus and Beatrice performed some lively numbers at MND tonight, including a ballet dance (Beatrice and Gus) and a rendition of Barges, the famed Girl Scout number (Rose #2).
We adults always love it when the inevitable announcement is made that there will be a "show" at MND. Yay! A show! My sister pulled my niece aside tonight and gave her some hints about stage presence: the show has to be relatively short and voices have to carry. Too true - there have been many other shows that were all too long and that involved a great deal of mumbling.

Rose #3 spilled chocolate milk hugely all over her shirt, so she spent the better part of the show trying on "costumes" fashioned for her by her Uncle Andy. And Rose #1 and Sam were not interested in the show, thank you very much. They were far too busy writing "scripts" (presumably for a future show).

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