Saturday, November 7, 2009

65 in November!

Here in Minnesota we are having Indian summer! That's probably not the best term, but it's what I think when it is warm in November. We got a lot done. Raked, mowed (yes, mowed, we needed to do that last mowing for the year), brought everything to the compost pile, including the pumpkins.

I pictured an idyllic family day in the sun with my children frolicking happily. Ha. Rose #3 had a terrible 3-year-old type tantrum, where she was screaming at me to come inside and be with her. Ugh. Rose #2 is coughing all over the place, on everything. Rose #1 was trailing my every step begging me to play soccer.

Now we are going to try to gather the Roses while we may (ha!) to go for a walk. I remember being a kid and hating to be dragged outside. Why am I surprised then that my children don't really want to go either?

But it is SO NICE out. And in like a week it will be -50 and snowing.

Edited to add: Overheard at dinner:
Rose #3: Can I have a Halloween treat?
Me: Did you eat 3 vegetables?
Rose #3: Yes.
Me: What kinds? (We had a crudite plate.)
Rose #3: Um....cheese.
Me: Cheese is NOT a vegetable!!

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