Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Am Truly Thankful

For three healthy kids. They are beautiful, funny, annoying (sometimes), high energy, smart, but today I am really thankful they are healthy.

For lots of family members who are very close. Today Guppy and Poppy picked up Rose #1 from school because our nanny (who is also a family member!) was out of town. They kept her for 3 hours until I could get there! Thanks.

For my husband, who for reasons that are sometimes a mystery, loves me and wanted to make this crazy family together.

For good books. And also not-so-well-written-but-tell-a-good-story-anyway books. Oh, I love to read. If there was a job where you just read for a living and decide how much you enjoy the book, that would be my job. Also, if there was a job where you could color pictures for a living (regardless of your actual artistic ability), I would like that job as well.

For good friends and neighbors.

For good food. I am a picky eater - yes, I admit it. But when I like something to eat, I really like it. Fresh tomatoes. Roasted potatoes. Stir fried chicken with garlic. Bagels with cream cheese. Yum.

I love Thanksgiving.

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