Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Black Squirrel

On Sunday morning we were looking out the window, and we saw a black squirrel! We're used to seeing albino squirrels, but not black ones. It was hard to get a shot from inside, so I scurried outside in my sock feet to snap a picture. You can see the squirrel at issue in the middle of the tree. He was a fast critter - I couldn't catch him while he was on the sidewalk.

The Roses thought it was pretty funny that I ran outside in my sock feet to take a picture. My attempt at wildlife photography made farce.

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John and Lisa Webster said...

After reading this, the next day I saw a black squirrel in my neighborhood. I thought of you and your girls. Couldn't even be the same black squirrel as that would be quite a hike for a little animal!