Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday, Friday, Wherefore Art Thou Friday

Today I snuck to work for the morning. Tonight I snuck out to get a cut & color from Aunt Boo. Thanks Aunt Boo. The Roses hung with daddy today. I have it on good authority that Rose #1 played some chess; she also did some homework. Rose #2 read three Bob books to me. She paused in the middle of one and said, "Hey! There's a reader in the house!" (meaning herself of course). And Rose #3 woke up from her nap mad, as usual, and screamed that she hated me. Sigh. H remarked that she sure wakes up hard. True.

Nablopomo is ALMOST over. Whew. It has been good to keep up more here, but sometimes (like today - can you tell) I have just been grasping to post something; anything. I guess that's the first rule of writing - just get pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard).

Off to change sheets. Did you ever notice how quickly time goes by vis a vis changing sheets?

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