Friday, November 20, 2009

OK, We Saw New Moon

At a time and a theater where there were no screaming teenagers. Glad about that. Sorry about the fact that it seemed to go by so quickly! I loved it. I think I am a hopeless romantic. I know that there are many things about this move I should not like. It appears to glorify female dependence and subordination. It is a cinderella story (in unlikely wrapping). It is aimed squarely at a demographic other than my demographic.

But is there anything wrong with a little escapism? With doing something I want to do for a few hours? With relaxing and enjoying a good story?

We had kind of a rough evening. H went to get his hair cut, and his car battery died. We went to pick him up, but we could not jump start his car. So, we picked up dinner and went home to eat (around 7:30, which may be a fine dinnertime for grownups but not really for kids). Edward Cullen never had to worry about his job or his car's battery or getting food into the stomachs of his children!

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