Saturday, November 21, 2009

We Went Out

H and I went out tonight for sushi. At Sakura, and it was really quite good. H ate a large quantity of raw fish, and I stuck to California rolls. I am surprised that I am full. Normally sushi isn't very filling (at least for me).

The outing was for a birthday party. Rose #1 has had a friend, Anders, who she has gone to school with ever since they were in the infant room at daycare together. Anders' mom turned 40 and a group of friends went out for dinner. We met some interesting couples. One is a neighbor of my uncle. The husband in another couple is actually a former Sunday School buddy of mine. A nice night altogether.

When we got back to Anders house, Rose #3 was completely and totally asleep. Rose #2 and #1 weren't far behind.

We should really go out more.

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