Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Latest Halloween Blog Post in the Blogosphere

Rose #1: Anakin Skywalker (thanks to my colleague for the loan of the costume!). This is our front porch with all six - count them! six! - pumpkins. I actually got all six candles lit at the same time.

Rose #2: A Bat! Homemade with umbrella parts! And face paint. She asked to be a bat, and by golly, the bat HAPPENED.

And Rose #3, who was unable to trick or treat because she wasn't feeling well. She started out the night in costume, but things disintegrated from there. After the trick-or-treaters got home, she rallied for the great post-event candy debrief.

Here is the Halloween gathering at Guppy's. We had bat (Rose #2), Commander Rex (Sam), Cheerleader (Maddie), Anakin (Rose #1), Princess (Rose #2), Cat (Bea), Grandmother (Guppy), Chicken (Kate), and Mouse (Gus).

Another great Halloween. Rose #1 and #2 may or may not have stolen Rose #3's candy bag today, however. We can't prove anything but they were remarkably willing to share with her until her bag is located...

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