Monday, September 20, 2010

Around the House

Rose #2 wants her own digital camera. I haven't actually priced digital cameras in awhile, but I think they are outside our child gift budget. So I haven't yet purchased one for her. Every now and then I let her use my camera, and tonight I sat down to delete the 91 photos she shot. I couldn't stand to let them all go, though...

My mother made a chair for each one of her grandchildren for their first birthday. Here are two of ours, carefully lined up by Rose #1 and Rose #2 in front of their messy closet. After someone close to you dies, one of the hardest things is all the "firsts" that you experience without them. My sister Heidi is expecting a baby in the next few weeks. I have been focused on how excited I am to welcome a new niece or nephew, and just in the past few days started thinking about how sad it is that my mom will never know this grandbaby. (She did know that this grandbaby was coming though, thankfully. Heidi knew in time to tell her before she died.)

But this grandbaby won't ever get a first birthday chair from Guppy. Maybe we should add that to our list of things we take over. Anyway, here are ours:

Rose #1 and #2 on the night of the photos were playing an elaborate game with their stuffed animals. Now, maybe all of you have kids who engage in spontaneous creative play all the time. You just can't turn around without bumping into a new world they created, or sometimes you can't find them because they are so engaged in their imagination-fueled world. Well, that ain't us. It is a rare night that the kids are engaged in almost anything besides 1) squabbling; 2) begging for snacks; 3) following me from room to room (yes, including the bathroom) or 4) doing anything they can to get out of a) showering, b) brushing their teeth or c) laying out tomorrow's clothes. When I get creative play, you're darn right I want to remember it! In that vein, here is Mr. Lion in his school portrait. The school being the Roses' School for Stuffed Animals.

The Roses enjoy photographing each other as well. Here's Rose #1 looking very chipper. She's only sans one tooth at this time, and I dare say that the front top two more than make up for the one that's missing. Holy rabbit teeth, Bat Man!

Rose #2's photographic interests extend to self-portraiture as well. I love her smiley eyes and her almost-grown-in front teeth:

And if this shot doesn't totally portray Rose #3, I don't know what does. The item she's holding? A MASCARA WAND, people. She's wearing her new dress and holding her mascara wand. (It's clear mascara, though.)

I do not know why my children found it necessary to take a photo of a basket of dirty laundry (and the wadded up kleenex on the floor behind it), but they did. Really, it sums everything up, doesn't it?

Note to self: Self, don't give camera to unattended children for extended periods.
Self: Even if it keeps them occupied for 30-45 minutes?
Note to self: Well, if it keeps them occupied for THAT long, I guess it's OK.

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