Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to school night...

Tonight was back to school night, at two different schools. Rose #1 and #2 are together finally at a grade 1-8 school. We are happy that they are together this year, and their classrooms are on the same hallway. Rose #2's first grade teacher is the same one Rose #1 had two years ago. (She told me that she picked Rose #2 on purpose!!!)

Rose #3 is going to 4-year-old kindergarten at our neighborhood school. The St. Paul schools offer 4-year-old K, which is half days (bummer) but it is free (yay!). Rose #3 will go to before and after school care for the rest of the day. Her school is very nice and cosy. Very elementary school-ish.

I love the beginning of the school year. Everyone is excited to get back; the year feels rich with new possibilities. This is the year that I will be really organized about homework. This is the year that we will actually keep our reading calendars and write in our journals every night before bed. This is the year that we will go to the library every Saturday and be good active readers, we'll do everyday mathematics as a matter of course, we'll work on geography and spelling and history.

This is going to be a tough year, though, logistically. We won't have a nanhy anymore (I know - poor us) so the business of running our household will get more complicated. Hopefully I can get some help from the kids - no, really - and we can manage it.

Lots of stuff starting in the next few weeks! School! Church and Sunday School!

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