Monday, January 3, 2011

Sisters (and Sisters In Law) as Friends

I am lucky to have four sisters and two sisters in law who all live here in the Twin Cities with me. We spend a lot of time together - we see each other on Monday nights for dinner. We watch each other's kids. We have holidays together. Some of us go to church together. We have all been there to see each other marry, to see our kids dedicated/baptized, to cheer on good news and to mourn losses. I am so happy that I can call my sisters friends.

I earnestly hope that the Roses will call each other friends as the years go on. Rose #2 confided in me the other day that the reason she has such a short haircut is that she wishes she was a twin; having short hair like her big sister is her way of trying to look like an identical twin. Rose #3 sometimes reaches out her little 4.5-year-old arms for a comforting hug from her big sisters when her mom is upset about something (like disobeying me, lest you all think that I am a big old meanie). Rose #1 is often the exasperated oldest but she will sometimes help me, especially with Rose #3, who has complicated clothing and dressup needs that I often don't have the patience to deal with. (Like, I Want to Wear a Summer Dress In Mid-January. I Do Not Want To Pick It Out. Mommy, I Want You To Pick It Out. WAAAAAAAAAAAH! I DON'T WANT TO WEAR THAT DRESS! IT HAS SLEEVES! I Want You To Pick Out The Sundress I Will Wear To The Christmas Party! SOB! SHRIEK!! At this point I often bow out and appeal to higher powers, like my oldest daughter, to talk my youngest one off the Getting-Dressed Ledge.)

I know it is beyond my control, but I want my girls to grow up loving each other as siblings and as friends. In 2011 I will try to sow the seeds to make this happen.


Lisa Webster said...

I hope your girls are great friends as adults! It's fun to hear about how they are friends now. :)

I always wanted a sister...I got a sister-in-law when I was in 7th grade. I cried like a baby at their wedding because I was so happy. She was Matron of Honor at my wedding. :)

Danielle said...

You're so lucky to have sisters (and SILs) as friends. What a gift! I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful sister-in-law but sometimes I do wish I had a sister or two for the sisterly stuff.