Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sisters as Friends, Redux

Sigh. This gem resulted when I asked the Roses to line up on the radiator for a quick cute pictures, Rose #3 tried to "lean on" Rose #1 (you know: Lean on me, when you're not strong, and I'll be your FRIEND, I'll help you carry on...) and then Rose #1 told her to stop it, and then the Rose cry ensued (HUGE wide open mouth - see, e.g., exhibit 1 above) and then I couldn't help but laugh a little.

Another thought about friends: Facebook. Yesterday the financial press was all lit up about how Facebook is worth like 800 kajillion billion dollars or something. I wish I had 1) computer programming skills, 2) vision, and 3) thought about friends and the value of gathering all your friends together, having them post updates about themselves, and putting it all on one horribly powerful social networking site about 20 years ago or whenever it is that Mr. Facebook got his deal started.

Do you all have hundreds of Facebook friends? I have about a hundred (keep in mind that my immediate family constitutes about 27 people, all of whom are on Facebook). I have to confess to pulling up some of my Facebook friends' friend lists and staring all agog at the hundreds of names listed there. Why don't I have 355 Facebook friends, or even a more moderate 247?
  • An aside, not wholly unrelated: I wonder how many people on Facebook are not actual real people but are instead made up and posted just for fun, or for people to try out new identities, or for people to pad their friends lists.

Anyway, I digress. I refuse to worry about whether my number of Facebook friends is too low. I refuse to worry about whether a refusal to worry about such things is something that a junior high student could figure out, not a weighty matter for a middle-aged woman.


kate hopper said...

I love, love, love that photo! As one of three sisters, I can totally relate. Happy happy new year to you and your lovely family!

Lisa Webster said...

You're on facebook?! I just tried to find you, but I couldn't. Maybe that's why you don't have many fb friends. :) BTW...fb is where I regularly post pictures of Addison! (Who will be 1 next week! Ahh!)

Love the picture of the girls. It makes me smile.

Crossroads Carnival next Friday (the 14th) 5-8 PM. Would be fun to see you there! We'll be leaving by 7, I would guess. Bedtime for Addison.

I love that you've been blogging every day! I look forward to reading it!