Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Como Conservatory Cousins

Why do we live in Minnesota? I don't know. (That's not true - of course I know. Our families and our histories are here.) On Saturday it was flat out cold, for the eight billionth day in a row, so I took Rose #3 and her cousin to the Como Conservatory. They have a koi pond amongst the flowers. The pond is so dark, you can't see the bottom. Every single time we go near it, I picture my child tumbling over into the pond and me having to jump in. Crunching a few koi bones under my feet, of course.

Luckily nothing like that happened. We just enjoyed the beautiful lily show. Here's Rose #3 posing by the water:

And her cute sweet cousin Kate (NOT KATY) (the crumbs around her mouth may or MAY NOT be donut crumbs. Oh. Yeah, they're donut crumbs):
It is so blissfully warm and humid in the Conservatory that my camera fogged up. I didn't care. I'm posting this picture anyway.

We are currently smack dab in the middle of stomach flu. I would say "barf" but that would hit a little too close to home. So far Rose #3 and Rose #1 have succumbed. I am feeling sort of sickish myself. Psychosomatic? A byproduct of exhaustion? Or a true stomach virus? Only time will tell.

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