Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rose #3 Had a Great Saturday

What does it say when your 4-year-old daughter wears more makeup to the mall than you do?

She asked for a bun this morning...and I actually did it! I put her hair up in a high ponytail, twisted her hair around and pinned it up with about a hundred bobby pins:
Isn't it wonderful?
The bun held up quite well all the way to the Mall of America - which WHY did we GO there today? It was an absolute MADHOUSE. Anyway, I digress. Rose #3, her daddy, and I rode the rollercoaster once, then I retired from rides (I think it's happened - I get dizzy on rides now! How can this be?). They rode again, then we spent our last ride points on the carousel:

Rose #2 and #1 were skiing today, so just for a day we felt like we had an only child. It was great (except I missed the other girls...)

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