Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Van Is Back

At 11:00 today I was making chocolate chip oatmeal cookies with Rose #2 and the phone rang. It was a St. Paul police officer calling from West St. Paul, telling me that our van has been found!

I was shaking, literally shaking. The car is in decent condition. The DVD player and subwoofer are gone, the exhaust pipe is gone, the door lights are gone, and there are probably other things wrong with it, but it is drivable. We will have to see if it is fixable or will be totaled; I guess that's our insurance company's call. Oh yes, the plates are gone too. The police officer had to call in to dispatch to let them know that a minivan without plates would be driving back from the place where the car was recovered to our home, so that no one pulled H over. (I didn't want to drive it with Rose #2 and #3 in the car - I wanted to drive the non-formerly-stolen car with license plates home.)

It is very disorienting to know that something that belongs to you was temporarily taken and used by people with bad motives. When the car was recovered it had stolen plates on it; the thieves took off our plates and put on someone else's. Crazy stuff.

I am such a law abiding citizen, even coming in contact with this sort of thing makes me nervous. I am glad that our car is home. Now we're going to have to go about seeing if it is fixable.

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