Monday, September 19, 2011

We Went to a Bike Race!

Each year H enters the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival bike race. This year he got into the 40-mile race! Yahoo! So we packed up the car and went to The Hayward/Cable Area (which is apparently the Golf Capital of Wisconsin). We brought our friends and had a grand old time.

On the way up, unfortunately everyone had to go to the bathroom approximately 100,000 times. Here we are on the second stop (it's a 2.5 hour trip) at a Holiday in like Turtle Lake, WI. The Roses found hats to try on and to beg me to purchase. I didn't, but I took a couple of cute shots:

Rose #3 thought her hat was very spiffy. I thought it looked like a jazz singer's fedora:

We stayed at a cabin that we found on Vacation Rental By Owner. It was surprisingly extravagant! It was on the shores of Lac Courte Oreilles (which I am trying to figure out: Lake Royal Ears? Lake Court of the Ears? I am reasonably sure that "oreilles" means "ears"). The back deck looked out on the lake. Here are Rose #2 and #3 enjoying the first morning when it was really quite chilly:

I took a quick shot of the Roses sitting on the fireplace. How cute are they?

On Saturday morning I dropped H off at the starting line at about 8:15. We didn't see him again until about 2!! The race started with 1800 riders at 10:00 a.m. and we were standing at the finish line when he rode across. The girls were happy to see him:

They were also happy to lay on top of this random small house in the parking lot. Rose #2 said that she wanted me to take a picture of her as Snoopy:

And Rose #1 showed her smiley face and her extremely strong abs:

After we got back, H "bonked" which is a biking term for "totally crashed and burned, was completely exhausted and had to go to bed at 7:00." He was right as rain in the morning, made pancakes for all, and we were on the road by 11:00 to come back home.

It was a great weekend! We're looking forward to Cheq '12! You can read about the race here.

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Anonymous said...

courte oreilles = short ears
I don't know why they didn't make the adjective match. Oh well!