Friday, September 30, 2011

Super Glad It's The Weekend

By Friday we've just kind of fallen apart. Everyone is exhausted. We have a "no screen time, no dessert" rule for weeknights, so Sunday through Thursday night the children look wan and peaked and they spend their time doing things like - gasp! - reading and putting together puzzles and practicing piano and trumpet!

Not Friday Nights. Oh, no. On Friday nights we have dessert! Tonight we had a delicious chocolate pie, thanks to Aunt Boo (who is back on her hair cutting horse after giving birth to Baby Duncan and who came over to give us haircuts).

On Friday nights we also watch TV! The girls are in the basement watching Disney Channel and they will certainly stay there until I have to pry them out of there with a crowbar.

A side note: I really cannot stand kids' TV. In fact, I really cannot stand MOST TV. I have literally no idea what the new shows are this season, and I don't care. I do however truly enjoy watching 30 Rock, and if I had room in my life for one more TV show and I didn't have young kids, I would also enjoy watching Glee. How can a show that is about high school students be so totally inappropriate for anyone under the age of 18?

In the meantime I am exhausted from an awful day at work and a long week all around. Tomorrow we will try to unwind with some fun lessons in the morning (Rose #3 and Rose #2, gymnastics and soo bakh do respectively) and a fun outing with Little Fins in the afternoon/evening.

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