Sunday, October 16, 2011

Apple Pickin' (And Other Stuff)

Today we went to Whistling Well Farm, a fine pick-your-own apple place that hasn't been overly commercialized like some other apple orchards nearby. Guppy found Whistling Well and we've kept the tradition going. This is Baby Duncan's first year of apple picking:

There was much scrambling for a place to pose for pictures in a tree. Here's Rose #3, triumphant that she secured a spot:

And Rose #2, smiling very large:
Baby Franny was super happy to get her own apple, even though it was kind of a sour one. She kept making sucking noises, smacking at her apple, and then looking very surprised that it was so sour! Rose #1 is calling her "puckerface" as we sit here.
We tried so hard to get everyone to sit still for a photo amongst the pumpkins. And the SUVs, it turns out. Anyway, from left to right: Rose #3, Maddie, Beatrice (holding Franny), Rose #2 (behind, turning head away), Sam, Kate, Rose #1 (holding Chunky Dunky), and Gus.
It was a good day to be at the apple orchard, if a bit windy. We had a picnic afterwards, really going for that 100% Guppy Approval Factor, but it was very cold and windy. No one wanted to stay long - we just ate and ran, pretty much. Uncle Candle's wedding ring fell off as he was playing football with Uncle Rico, and it fell into the fallen dry autumn leaves. Luckily Uncle Rico was able to find it right away. Uncle Candle wrapped a band-aid around it so it wouldn't fall off again.

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