Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh Yeah, The Other Stuff

You know that scene in Star Wars where Darth Vader is dressed up in his camouflage jammies, and he has to have a light saber battle?

Oh, no?

Maybe they didn't have that scene after all. But WE DID!

I really like how Darth Vader stands in the ready position, just waiting for his opponent to approach:
But wait! There must have been a costume change! Now Darth Vader is a cowperson with sunglasses, a gripper, a necklace, and a need for appreciation (get it - the clapper -appreciation?)!!
Rose #1 was of the opinion that I haven't been posting enough, and she was also of the opinion that I should have had a photo of her from the apple orchard - she was there, after all - and she's right on both counts.

Boy howdy, is it ever time for bed! Have a nice week, all.

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