Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I'm live blogging Halloween...

Only there's nothing to live blog...

In the past 90 minutes we've had 8 trick or treaters. We went all out for the yard decorations this year, too. We got the skulls at Target (that warn you, ominously, not to touch or handle the decorations too much. In my mind, that's scarier than the actual skull appearances.). We got the foam gravestones at Target. Of course we got the obligatory cobweb stuff. Which, what is that made of? I don't know.

Anyway, here is Rose #1. She is Dracula. Courtesy of a very fine face makeup job by yours truly. Immediately after the photo was taken she gagged on the vampire teeth and handed them, spit and all, to me. Sigh. Mom is always the receptacle of garbage and spitty vampire teeth.
Rose #2 is some sort of a skeleton robot. This skeleton killer robot has teeth. If you look very carefully at the mask you can see the human-appearing teeth. That's the scariest part of the costume to me. Who would put human teeth on a robot? Imagine collecting them and then having to WELD them to the robot head.
Rose #3 is a Bridesmaid from the Twenties (the nineteen twenties). This is the term I made up to cover the fact that her costume is actually a thrift store dress and a $3.99 hat from Savers with a little veil that looks like it could have been from the 1920s. Anyway she loves it.
Here's the Crew From Halloween 2011:
If you want to leave a comment and it is that I need to do something about the hostas in our front yard, you can just keep your comment to yourself.

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I just wanted to leave the comment that I thought this post was very funny. :)