Monday, October 17, 2011

Rose #2's Outlook On Things

Poor Rose #2 isn't feeling well today. She wrote me and her dad a note:

Dere Mommy I love you and Daddy so much I very very glad to have you as a parent you are teching me to learn my maners you tech me when I grow up I have to do a lot of work.

p.s. Do you like my drawing yes or no?


OMG, especially the last part. All I have managed to teach my child is manners (sort of) and the fact that when she grows up, she will have to do a lot of work.

I think we need some playtime around this house. A vacation, maybe. How can I swing that? How can I manage that? We could go somewhere close - Duluth maybe? Wisconsin Dells? Anybody have a good close-ish trip idea for a family of 5?

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Polly D said...

Boulder, CO! Come visit us. We'll play and have fun and reinforce good manners and laugh and look at the mountains and drink good wine and cook together and anything else you'd like.