Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Do You Dress Fashion?

On Saturday Rose #2 and #3 and I went to Cherokee Park to play. Cherokee Park was Guppy's favorite park, and we went there last year on her birthday also. This year was not so fortuitous. Rose #3 had to go potty as soon as we got there. I am often sort of annoyed when we reach our destination and my child immediately needs to visit the bathroom, especially when the destination is 5 minutes from our house and, since it's October, THE PARK BATHROOMS ARE CLOSED.

I have to take some portion of the guilt, though, as I did not coerce or even remind the Roses to go potty before we left.

So as we were trekking over to the bathrooms to see if they are open, I may have been the tiniest bit crabby. Rose #3, picking up on my annoyance, reflects it right back on me. She eyes me critically and says: "DO YOU DRESS FASHION? NO."

She meant, of course, are you interested in fashion? Do you try to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Do you attempt to look stylish (ever) or (when going to the park on a Saturday afternoon after a full day of housecleaning)? The answer, of course, is that I do not dress fashion....

But Rose #3 does. Proof (she forces me to lay out her clothing on the rug the night before so that she can see if it looks good enough to wear):

Further proof: she makes me take a photograph of the clothes so she can look at them on the camera for further indication of if they will look good.

OK, I may have made that last bit up. But the rest of it really happened!

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