Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Daffodils

Rose #2 and a couple of her friends at after-school care found a daffodil, and one of the teachers sent me an email titled "We Love Your Kid."  That is a really nice message to get in the middle of the day. 


I spend so much time agonizing over our life choices: we work too much.  We don't see our kids enough.  We don't get to spend a lot of family time together.  Rose #1's time at home is halfway over, people!  She is halfway to age 18!  (I know, she probably won't be moved out for good at age 18, but still.)  The time when they think that I hung the moon is about to pass us by.  That makes me really sad.

So when I see pictures like the above I am so glad to know that Rose #2 is searching out daffodils in the middle of the day, but oh, how I wish that I was there with her.

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