Sunday, April 8, 2012

We're Still Here...Practicing Resurrection

Happy Easter!  This morning I was awoken by all three Roses, who had set their alarms for 5:25 a.m. (!!!) and crept down to the kitchen to make H and me a surprise breakfast!  Lightly toasted sourbread toast, Bran Chex, and apple slices.  Luckily they contained their excitement and didn't wake us up until 7:00.  Phew.  The breakfast was, well, delicious!

At our house the E.B. (that's what we call the Easter Bunny) leaves clues to where the Easter baskets might be found.  Each Rose had as many clues as she is years old:  5, 7 and 9.  There was some gnashing of teeth and some grumbling and some pleas for help, but in the end, all three found their baskets.  (See above.)

And, each had a chocolate bunny.  With bitten-off ears in each case.  Well, bitten-off now - they were intact in the package.

I rousted everyone out the door for the 11:00 church service.  Forcing the Roses to sit through church is like asking them to scrub the bathroom floor with a toothbrush or making them organize their clothing drawers:  an unlikely prospect, and certain to not go very well.  After Rose #3 dropped her "Kid's Activity" book and hymnal on the floor for about the 78th time, I almost lost it in the middle of service.  Luckily everything settled down and we made it.  The title of the sermon was "Practicing Resurrection."  I love that.  I also love that our ministers know that on Family Sunday when the kids stay in the worship service for the whole time, the sermon needs to be short.  7 minutes:  PERFECT.

We are about to head out to Cherokee Park to plant flowers at my mom's memorial plaque site and to have an Easter egg hunt (both my ideas, and I think they are fairly brilliant).  Then to dinner at Aunt Boo's.  We are practicing resurrection all the time, aren't we?  Keeping on with life even after terrible loss afflicts us.  Keeping up old traditions and making new ones.  Guppy, we miss you so, so much.  I know you would have loved an Easter egg hunt.  I wish you were there with us to see it.

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