Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Booster Shots

Today I took the girls for their H1N1 booster shots. I wish you saw Rose #2. She was our daredevil at Disneyworld - rode Space Mountain five times without even blinking, rode Expedition Everest. But she got completely freaked out by the prospect of the shot today, and wedged herself into a corner of the examination room. Behind the bed. Where she could kick my legs when I tried to remove her and simultaneously push me away so that I couldn't grab any part of her body effectively except her hands (and I was afraid she might dislocate her own wrists if I pulled too hard!).

Eventually a nurse got her out and two nurses and I held her down, and she got the booster shot which took all of two seconds. I remember nursing Rose #2 after getting shots at her 18-month appointment, when I was already pregnant with Rose #3 and feeling as sick as an old mangy dog. I think it was the last time I ever did nurse her. I loved nursing Rose #2 - she was and is a cuddlebug. rI planned to nurse her until she quit on her own, but then we got Rose #3 who could hardly be coaxed to nurse through the ripe old age of 11 months.

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