Saturday, February 20, 2010


All three Roses are sick. Everyone missed some school this week - Rose #1 missed Friday, Rose #2 missed Thursday, and Rose #3 missed Friday (not such a big deal to miss preschool, but Rose #3 LOVES preschool). Sick days on the weekend rub me the wrong way - no one wants to do anything, everyone wants to watch TV, everyone is crabby. There isn't much help for it - the Roses definitely can't be around Guppy when they are sick, so I made two trips over to Guppy's solo today. (Which actually turned out fine - we watched the first episode of Emma, the Masterpiece Theatre version. I loved that very much. Plus while I was there, friends of Guppy and Poppy had a huge box of bakery treats delivered. THAT was yummy.)

Still, H and I spent some time starting on the basement cleanup. Last fall we had two egress windows put into the basement, and now we need to get the basement ready for Rose #1 to move. It is time for the girls to have their own rooms. We have to get our sleeping routines under control, and I think Rose #1 is ready for her own room. There is a lot to get done in the basement - we need security for the egress windows, we need to paint the two walls where the egress windows were installed, we need to organize the unfinished side of the basement and clean that side thoroughly, and we need to clean the carpet. It is really hard to get uninterrupted blocks of time to do anything when you have kids, even one kid, and we have three, and a lot of other things going on. The basement really could be a nice space if we could just finish the last things that need to be done, though, so we have to make it a priority.

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