Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Electra, Where Art Thou?

Tonight Rose #3 was perched at the kitchen table as I was cooking dinner. She very cheerfully told me that when I die, she is going to use my shower and she is going to marry her daddy. (Note to self: Look up on Google what the appropriate response is when your youngest daughter tells you that she is going to marry her father after you are dead.)

Rose #2 invented a game where she draws a picture and I have to guess what it is. Most of the pictures were indecipherable until we got to a very competent rendition of Dora. She also got a little sad as we were emailing with her Guppy. Guppy is sick from cancer and the Roses are mostly dealing with it pretty well. Sometimes - like tonight - a little sadness peeps through. Like the overly concerned mom that I am, I rushed to tell Rose #2 that if she wants to talk about it, I will always be here for her to talk, or she can talk to her dad or any of her aunts and uncles... She cut me off midsentence to ask for a Ho Ho. Classic Rose #2.

Rose #1 is aloof these days. Her nose is buried in Harry Potter whenever she is not being forced to 1) join her family at dinner 2) brush her teeth or 3) do her math homework. (Rose #1 is age 7.5 by the way, not 13.5. Shudder to think what 13.5 may bring.)

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