Thursday, April 22, 2010

Helping Kids With Grief

I am no expert on this topic, but I would like to remember how the Roses have been during the first weeks after their Guppy passed away. For maximum blogging impact, I have helpfully included a picture of Guppy with each child on their first day on earth!

Rose #1: Detached. Loves talking about Guppy memories; she has the most and she has the best developed verbal skills (of course) so she can talk the longest.
Rose #2: Sad. Sobs uncontrollably for 30 seconds, then blinks the tears off her eyelashes in a surprised manner, as if she can't remember why it was that she was crying. LOVES the ritual of talking about Guppy memories.

Rose #3: Mad. Sad. Naughty. Endless repetition about what happened to Guppy. Did she take her last breath? Yes. Did her soul go into my heart? Yes. Are you mad Mommy? Yes. When will she come back alive? She will always be alive in our heart, but her body can never come back alive. Why? (Arrrgh! Good question!)

It is hard to grieve and to help your kids with grief; maybe I should say that it is hard for ME to grieve and also to help my kids with their grief. We'll see how this goes.

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