Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poetry Jamboree

Today: Poetry Jamboree! Unfortunately Rose #1 had stomach flu (in my defense: I THOUGHT SHE HAD NERVOUS STOMACH) but she insisted on going to school for Poetry Jamboree. Her entire class made poetry books. I may be biased but I thought her poems were wonderful. The picture below is a partial shot of her whole class reading from their poetry books:

Between the photo above and the one below, we had to dash to the girls' bathroom to, er, "worship the porcelain god." Poor soul wanted to go back and do her reading...
I was very proud of Rose #1. She really wanted to read her poetry and she got up with her group to do their group reading. (I also want to stress that we hightailed it on out of there right after her reading, and she spent the rest of the day on the couch.)

In the same vein as poetry, tonight we started journaling as a group. I got each Rose a composition book and we all sat down to draw pictures or write about our days. There aren't many rules - you have to date each page, you have to write something about your picture or your day (or have something written), you have to use the pages sequentially, and you can only write in your journal at journal time. The Roses loved it.

It was such a nice evening with no TV. I sure do hate TV.

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Lisa Webster said...

Again, what a great idea! I'll be coming to you for ideas in a couple of years! :)

Rose #1 reminds me of me. When I was in elementary school, we were having a presidential debate (Dukakis vs. Bush). I was so sick but went to school anyway. I puked in the classroom and was sent home before the debate. :( So, way to go, Rose #1! At least you made it through!