Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day, Redux

This is officially the latest Mother's Day post in the blogosphere. We did celebrate it, albeit in a somewhat muted fashion. We had an ice cream social and went to plant flowers at my dad's house. The absence of my mom was everywhere, even though we were honoring the way she would have wanted to celebrate.

I am having photo problems today, but if you squint really hard you will see Poppy, two of the Roses, and my niece Beatrice, planting flowers in a container using dirt from the wheelbarrow. The worms were a highlight.

A closer shot showing Poppy explaining how to plant a seedling:

And Rose #3, peeping out between two flowerpots:

We missed you a lot on Mother's Day, mom. It just didn't seem right without you. I guess that goes for lots of things.

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