Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Rose #1

Eight years ago I was in a world of childbirth hurt, but look at the beautiful baby I got for the trouble (she's pictured below with her Guppy):

Today we celebrated her eighth birthday, with a surprise in the backyard...under a tarp...what could it be?
Yes, that's right, a new (to us!) bike! Rose #1 loves her bike. She is a SERIOUS tomboy, and turned her nose up at the purple bike she got a few birthdays ago. (Purple is too girly of a color, you see. I tried to explain that it is the color of kings and royalty, but THAT explanation FLEW for about thirteen seconds.) In the interim she has been making do with other people's bikes and her scooter. Now, gloriously, she has her own! And it says Rip Claw on the side (why would you want to rip or claw anything while biking, but still)! And it is silver and black, which are both acceptable colors!

Eight is an inbetween age. You are still a little kid in lots of ways, but your concerns are turning outward to friends, and to thoughts about the wider world. Of course, I want Rose #1 to stay as my little baby, and she wants to grow up as fast as possible.

Happy Birthday Little Bean. I love you SO MUCH.

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