Thursday, May 27, 2010

Maddie's Dance Recital

Tonight we went to see Maddie's Dance Recital! She was a big hit in pink. I had the little camera tonight and so I couldn't get a clear shot of her dancing. Instead, I went backstage and took a picture of her with her class. Maddie is in the back row, on her knees, smiling big:

And here is Maddie with her mama:
I was a little sad at the recital tonight, thinking about last year and how Mom was at the recital last year. Then, to make matters worse, I looked toward the back of the auditorium as a friend of Maddie's family was walking in and she looked JUST LIKE MOM. That hasn't happened to me yet - my heart literally skipped a beat, and I thought: it's all a big mistake! Mom is really still here! At the same time, of course, I knew that was impossible. And in fact, it wasn't Mom. So it was a nice recital, but not as nice as last year. We have a lot more firsts - first baby born without her, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas. I miss her a lot.

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